Is the MTN Scholarship 2023 Out? Everything You Need to Know

The MTN Scholarship, a prestigious award aimed at supporting and encouraging academic excellence among students in various levels of education, is always eagerly anticipated. As 2023 unfolds, many students and educational stakeholders are keenly interested in knowing whether the MTN Scholarship for the year is out. If you find yourself asking, “Is the MTN Scholarship 2023 out?” you are not alone. Here’s everything you need to know to stay updated and well-prepared for this opportunity.

MTN Scholarship Overview

Before diving into the 2023 updates, it’s essential to understand what the MTN Scholarship entails. The scholarship is an initiative by MTN Foundation to support eligible students studying in public tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It is open to students from different academic fields and levels, providing a substantial financial award to assist with their educational expenses.

Checking for Updates

The most reliable way to find out if the MTN Scholarship 2023 is out is by visiting the official MTN Foundation website or following their official social media channels. These platforms will provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding the scholarship, including application opening dates, eligibility criteria, required documents, and the application process.

Application Process and Eligibility

While waiting for the official announcement, it’s advisable to prepare by understanding the application process and ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria. Typically, applicants must be full-time students in recognized public tertiary institutions, maintaining a certain Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

Stay Alert and Prepared

In the competitive scholarship landscape, staying proactive is key. Keep an eye on official announcements, and consider setting up notifications for updates from the MTN Foundation. Additionally, ensure that your academic records, recommendations, and other necessary documents are up-to-date and ready for submission once the application opens.


While there might not be official confirmation at the moment regarding the status of the MTN Scholarship 2023, staying informed and prepared is crucial. Regularly check official MTN platforms for accurate and timely updates, and ensure you are ready to present a strong application once the opportunity arises.

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